T’agraden les endevinalles? Al món hi ha dos tipus de persones: les que sempre encerten una endevinalla o les que mai aconsegueixen desxifrar-la.

A continuació et presentem una sèrie d’endevinalles perquè aprendre anglès sigui també divertit. Ara toca concentrar-se i posar a prova la teva capacitat resolutiva aquest cop en anglès:

  • Riddle 1

A cowboy rode into town on Friday, stayed three days, and left on Friday. How is this possible?

  • Riddle 2

What month has 28 days?

  • Riddle 3

A father and son were involved in a car accident. The father was trapped in the car, but the son was rushed to the nearest hospital. Upon entering the emergency room, the doctor who was supposed to operate on the young boy exclaimed, “I can’t operate! This is my son!” How is that possible?

  • Riddle 4

Mr. Higgins lives on the 30th floor of an apartment. Every morning, he leaves his apartment, gets into the elevator and goes down the 30 floors. Every evening, he takes the elevator up to the 10th floor, then gets out and walks up 20 floors of stairs—except on rainy days, when he takes the elevator up to the 20th floor and walks the remaining 10. Why does he do this?

  • Riddle 5

Two identical women who have the same mother, father, birthdays, height, and weight go grocery shopping together. Another shopper stops them and asks, “Are you twins?” The two women reply that they are not, and they are telling the truth. How can this be?

Respostes / Answers:

  • Answer 1: His horse is named Friday.
  • Answer 2: All of them. February always has 28 days except on leap years when it has 29, and all the other months have 28 days plus an extra 3 or 4 days.
  • Answer 3: The doctor was the boy’s mother or the boy’s gay second father.
  • Answer 4: Mr. Davis is very short and cannot reach the buttons for the 20th or 30th floor. On rainy days, he is able to reach the button for the 20th floor only because he has an umbrella with him.
  • Answer 5: They are triplets (or quadruplets, quintuplets, etc.).

Si t’ha agradat aquest post i creus que les endevinalles són un bon mètode per posar a prova el teu nivell d’anglès, estigues molt atent al blog de Merit! En breu, una segona part d’endevinalles.