Existeixen expressions i connectors en anglès que et serviran per a guiar a la teva audiència a través del contingut de les teves presentacions en anglès. Aquestes paraules són clau al principi i durant tot el recorregut del teu discurs ja que ajuden a l’audiència a saber on estan i el que ve a continuació.

1. Expressions per a introduir, acabar i esbossar arguments principals i mostrar la dirección de la presentació en frases inicials.

Expressions Examples
Introduce yourself “My name’s Jane Shaw. I’m a Change Consultant at X Associates and today I’d like to share my experience on business and digital transformation….”
Giving a road map “I’ll start by describing… Then I’ll move on to… After that I’ll consider… Lastly, I’ll quickly recap and recommend the next steps we need to take .”
Moving on  “So, moving on to my next point…”

“This brings me to…”

“Let’s turn now to our business model…”

Referring back  “In the first part of my talk I mentioned…”

“Going back for a moment to what I said earlier…”

“So, getting back to my original point, you can see that…”

Referring forward “I’ll be going into this in more detail in a moment…”

“I’ll come back to this later…”

Recapping “I’d like to quickly recap the main points…”

“Recapping quickly on what was said before lunch,…”

Going deeper “Let me expand on the figures for last year for a moment…”
Going over the basics “Just to fill you in on some of the background, …”

“By … I mean …”

Digressing  “Before going on, I’d just like to say a little about…”

“If I can just digress for a moment…”

Wrapping up “So, what do we want to take away from today..”

“OK. So we have a clear call to action here…”

“I’d like to conclude by outlining the road map ahead…”

Concluding “Finally, I’d like to finish by thanking you all for coming. I hope that the presentation has been interesting/informative.”

“I’d also like to thank [host] for organising this great event.”

“Quoting Eric Ries…”

“And now, if you have any questions, I’ll be pleased to answer them.”

2. Paraules connectores per a ajudar a guiar a l’audiència mitjançant la vinculació d’idees.

  • To add more ideas: again, furthermore, in addition, moreover
  • To compare or contrast ideas: alternatively, contrastingly, conversely, whereas
  • To prove something: evidently, for this reason, because, inevitably
  • To show exceptions: however, nevertheless, yet, in spite of
  • To emphasise something: definitely, obviously, inevitably, undeniably
  • To give an example: for instance, in this case, in particular, notably
  • To show the order of things: previously, following this, initially, subsequently, finally

Si a més necessites consells en com fer una presentació no et perdis el nostre post.