Segur que coneixes moltes expressions que tenen relació amb el menjar. Als països anglosaxons també existeixen expressions populars en anglès relacionades amb el menjar. Des del principi dels temps, el menjar i la tradició han anat agafades de la mà, per això, estiguis on estiguis segur que aprens algun refrany, expressió o dita popular.

A continuació, trobaràs una sèrie de “food idioms” o expressions populars en anglès relacionats amb el menjar i els seus significats. T’ajudaran a entendre una mica millor el context del seu ús en situacions quotidianes:

Bring home the bacon

  • Meaning: earn money to support a family.
  • Example: If John gives up his job as a chef, his wife will have to bring home the bacon.

Put all your eggs in one basket

  • Meaning: base all ones hopes and plans on one idea.
  • Example: If I were you, I’d have a backup plan, rather than putting all your eggs in one basket.

Butter someone up

  • Meaning: flatter in order to gain something.
  • Example: The waiter was always buttering up the restaurant owner, so he was surprised when he failed to get a promotion.

A tough nut to crack

  • Meaning: a person who is difficult to get to know well.
  • Example: Our super-strict manager is a tough nut to crack.  I hope I can convince her to let us off early tonight.

Spice up

  • Meaning: make more exciting.
  • Example: The Food Technology teacher liked to spice up his classes up by telling hilarious anecdotes about his experiences as a waiter.

Be given everything on a silver platter

  • Meaning: to get something without earning it.
  • Example: When you start a job, you can’t expect everything to be given everything on a silver plate. You’ve got to make a real effort to fit in.

A big cheese

  • Meaning: the most important person.
  • Example: Sally thinks she’s a big cheese now that she’s been promoted to Events Manager. Now she thinks we have to do what she says.

Not for all the tea in China

  • Meaning: under any circumstances.
  • Example: I wouldn’t work in a fish-processing plant, not for all the tea in China. I can’t stand the smell.

The cream of the crop

  • Meaning: the best.
  • Example: These three students are very bright. They are the cream of the crop in their year.

The bread and butter

  • Meaning: the main points.
  • Example: Just tell us the bread and butter of what happened in the meetings. We don’t need to go into all the details.

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